Capturing time and space

Pink Leg - Manhattan 2004

Life is oftentimes more surprising than our imagination. That's why I am a picture taker and not a picture maker. I believe that my pictures are already made, presumed I am able to see them. Some people might think I use an elaborate collage technique for the STREET ART series. Although a flattering guess, it is not accurate. There is nothing arranged or manipulated in these photographs. They are "as seen" in the streets of a city I explored with my camera.

Visual narratives

I started the SREET ART series in 1995, during one of my regular visits to New York City. Torn billboards and wild postings fascinated me from the beginning. But it's only coincidentally I made my first pictures with this motif, alongside with moody photos of lower Manhattan. - How STREET ART pictures became my thing? - It's a story with a nostalgic touch - because many things have changed since then, and the places have become history.

My laboratory

In 1995 a camera was a black box with film - no display to get a first impression of the captured photos. Fortunately in Manhattan there were many small laboratories offering to process film and print photos within a few hours. Most of them were in the Photo district, an area of photo businesses, located near the iconic Flatiron Building – my favorite part of Manhattan at that time. Probably also because in this neighborhood I had the feeling being part of this world, somehow. Going to MY laboratory became a nice habit, and it was a special moment to pic-up the prints and to contemplate what I had captured in a coffee shop nearby.

It’s in one of these moments I discovered the intriguing potential of these early STREET ART pictures: I realized that these visual narratives were microcosms of all that embodied New York City for me. Since then I developed a passion for these spots that we usually don't even notice. Unintentionally I am ready to see my next picture, wherever I am.

Eine frühe Aufnahme, welche zur Serie STREET ART führte - New York 1995